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Coffee Lovers

A Unique And Authentic Styled Cafe-Highly Spacious With An Ancient Touch

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A unique and  authentically styled cafe for coffee lovers. The cafe is very spacious and is decorated and styled with a great touch. The cafe is vibrant and attracts many customers for a cup of delicious coffee.

Design Evolution


The architect wanted to walk on an unconventional path and wanted to visualize their dream cafe and make their dreams come true. We created a spacious cafe for them – they wanted the customer's experience to be dream-like and fulfil a fairy tale fantasy. 

They provided us with design ideas and basic planning for the building. We went ahead and developed the exterior elevation and the interiors.


We have all been to a cafe - a place to meet friends, a place to meet your first dates, second dates, and so on. We wanted to create a different aura, an aura that would make the customer comfortable and feel at ease as soon as they stepped into the mad cafe. A place where all your dreams can come true.


We brought the architect's unconventional dream café to life by creating a spacious and enchanting space that fulfilled the customer's fairy tale vision. The captivating exterior and imaginative interiors exceeded expectations, attracting satisfied visitors for various occasions.

The Word M Is Used

The Word M Is Used

We have taken the word M from mad and designed it loud and clear in some exquisite areas and in the compound as well.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

The flooring has a royal feel to them and is 100% wooden. Adding beauty, elegance, and sophistication to the cafe.

Warm Colored Hanging Lights

Warm Colored Hanging Lights

The lights inside the cafe are appealing, eye-catching, and warm in their tone.

Unforgettable Walls

Unforgettable Walls

The cafe has exposed brick walls in the exterior area, and these are the main highlights of the cafe.

Site View

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View

Coffee Lovers Cafe

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