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Luxurious Dream Valley

A beautiful tourist hut amidst the forest that can take your breath away.

Overview Overview


Beautiful Tourist Huts Amidst the Forest  These huts are situated right in the middle of the forest, and they are very close to nature. The huts were designed with keeping the client’s vision in mind. The huts have unique indoor and outdoor features that can take your breath-away!

Design Evolution


The architect and his team approached us to bring life to their dreams, before laying a single brick. We helped to visualize tourist huts that are centred in the middle of a forest. The vibe was green, peaceful, and away from the hustle of city life. We visualized this project beautifully, and the outcome was extravagant!


To visualize the Dream Valley project; we sat down with the architect and his team to deeply understand their requirements and the outcome they were seeking. We adhered to the guidelines given by the architect and visualized a project that was up to par with his expectations.


We are not your ordinary team of architects that build conventional buildings. We take risks and provide an output that is unique, experimental, and has the essence of newness to it. We follow distinctive design principles making the visualizations bold and daring.

Open and Airy

Open and Airy

The huts are open and airy, with no separations. Only the bathrooms are enclosed for privacy. The huts are transparent and surrounded by the riverside and forest. This view can be enjoyed from the huts themselves.

Experience Nature

Experience Nature

One can experience nature and greenery from inside the huts.

Skylight in the House

Skylight in the House

Rooftop glass panels let ample sunlight inside the rooms.

Unique Balcony

Unique Balcony

On the balcony, a ladder is attached so that a person can use the ladder to go to the river.

Site View

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View

Dream Valley

Are you looking for a great 3D design for your dream project? Reach out to Argitektur to visualize your project!

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