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Gala Auditorium

An elegantly designed auditorium-Adapting to a minimal style

Overview Overview


An elegantly designed Gala auditorium, adapted in a minimal style. It’s huge and has distinctive features that help it stand apart from the other auditoriums.

Design Evolution


The architect came forward with a 2D plan to visualize this particular auditorium that was to be built in Australia. The client wanted the auditorium to be surrounded by a welcoming and warm aura that would attract more and more people towards it.


To understand the project in-depth and to understand what treatment the client wanted, we sat down with the architect and gathered the details that were needed to create a 3D visualization for this very auditorium.


There are thousands of auditoriums out there in the world, so how did we make this one any different? Well, we decided to make it minimal, yet extremely appealing to the eye. We tried to incorporate the new trends in the market today, and the architect was pleased with our visualization of their dream project.

The Building has Two Leve

The Building has Two Levels

The auditorium has an underground car parking, a ground-level floor, and a second floor.

Constructed in a Contour Site

Constructed in a Contour Site

The technique used to build the auditorium is experimental and takes a different route.

Extra Height for Each Floor

Extra Height for Each Floor

Each floor of the auditorium is spacious and has extra height for the visitors to remain comfortable.

Usage of Colourful Glasses

Usage of Colorful Glasses

To take a unique path, we used many colorful glasses inside the auditorium, this gave it an artsy and unique touch to the auditorium.

Site View

Floor Plan

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View

Gala Auditorium

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