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Welcome to the working space where one meets imagination, creativity, and innovation

Overview Overview


A spacious commercial office building dedicated to co-working space. The idea is to get more and more people to work from here. We created great indoor and outdoor features for the commercial office building.

Design Evolution


The architect and his team approached us to give life to their dreams. They wanted us to work in a co-working space that would hold many employees and workers at one time. They provided us with the basic 2D plan and asked for the building to match the surroundings. The architect also wanted that the building should be contemporary and modern in style.


Following a basic approach: we sit down with the architect and understand how he visualizes his dream project, and what style he wants the building to take on. In this case, the architect provided us with the 2D plan, and we went ahead and developed the 3D structure with our innovations.


We are a dedicated team of architects who take an unconventional route. We give life to our client's project and make sure that the building takes on a unique structure. We follow design principles that give the structure a bold and daring feel.

Co-working Space in a Great Locality

Co-working Space in a Great Locality

Modern and minimal in design.

Building Matching the Surroundings

Building Matching the Surroundings

Beautiful and green surroundings around the building.

Modern Colour Combinations

Modern Color Combinations

The colors used are modern, bold, and experimental.

modern and unique

We Used a Modern Contemporary Concept

The look of the building is modern and unique.

Site View

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View


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