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Wild Estates

Tripartite tower building – A lavish styled apartment for families.


Lavish-styled apartment buildings for families. These apartments are highly spacious and luxurious. Families can spend time here and enjoy moments with one another. They provide ample space for a big family and have many features to enjoy!

Design Evolution

An Architect approached us to create spacious apartments that are niche and decorative. They wanted the vibe to be elegant, classy, and trendy at the very same time.

They came with the design ideas and basic planning, and we helped them to visualize the final project and make their dream plan come true.

To understand their requirements in detail, we sat together for an important discussion. After understanding their dream project in detail, and what they were looking for, we started our work.

Our approach, as usual, is unique and experimental. We like to do things in a different and unconventional way. We wanted the residents to be comfortable and lead a lavish lifestyle in these apartments.

With our services, we helped the architect feel at ease and confident that we could handle their dream vision and make it a reality.

Lavish Fully Furnished Apartments for Families

Luxurious, authentic, and stylish.

20% Land Devoted to Apartments

Only 20% of the area is for apartments, and they are surrounded by green on all sides.

80% of the Area is Dedicated to Nature and Natural Environment

The apartments are environmentally friendly and surrounded by beautiful green space.

3 Structure Design

The apartments follow a 3-structure Design, and there are around 300 flats in the building.

Site View

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View

Wild Estates

Are you looking for a great 3D design for your dream project? Reach out to Argitektur to visualize your project!

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