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Rare and
New Books
Public Library

A place where book-lovers can spend ample time reading and finding new books.

Overview Overview


The Spacious, Rare, and New Book Public Library is located in the UAE. It is beautifully decorated for book lovers and those who love to come to the library to read and find peace. The interiors and exteriors are beautifully planned and break the monotony.

Design Evolution


We were approached by the client to create a spacious library with three floors. This was to be a place for those who find comfort in books and are ready to step into the library and be mesmerised by the variety of books in the library. The client came up with the basic plan, and from there, we took the project forward.


Our team of experts sat down with the client to understand the project in further detail. After gathering ample information on what the client desired and the vibe they wanted to create, we started our work.


We follow an approach that is unconventional, bold, and daring. We decided to work on the dream project of our client and provide it with a unique twist. At the end of the day, we wanted all the book lovers to have a beautiful experience in the library.

Lavish Public Library

Lavish Public Library

Located in the UAE.

Wide Indoor Spaces

Wide Indoor Spaces

Inclusive of collection space, user seating space, staff workspace, etc.

Proper Natural Lighting

Proper Natural Lighting

A relaxed place to read books.

Books and Readers

Books and Readers

A perfect spot for those who love books.

Site View

Virtual Tour

360° Panorama View

Rare and New Books
Public Library

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